The Road Not Taken

Dear Friends,

Ron Crawford and Michael Pesa were introduced to Spinning® in 1995. Being passionate road cyclists and mountain bikers, they had a natural gravitation toward Spinning. Needless to say, it became a perfect fit. Soon, Ron and Michael started a Spinning program within Ron Crawford’s World of Fitness. It was the first Spinning room in Ohio, the 8th Spinning room in the USA, and the second dedicated headphone system within a Spinning room—the only other one could be found in Johnny G’s, the creator of Spinning’s, own headquarters in Culver City, California. However, what made the room completely unique was its theme. When designing the room, there were many intense debates, late night discussions, followed by several night time rides until the crack of dawn before a decision was made. Michael insisted on black walls, ceilings, and floors inside the Spinning room. He felt, “one had to isolate one’s self in order to grow.” They began building the room and there was no turning back. Even Johnny G felt the room was “too harsh, too demanding.” Construction was completed, the program began, and soon afterward, a fitness revolution swept across Ohio. The Spinning classes at Ron’s gym were waiting list only. Johnny G traveled to Ohio to see what the fuss was all about. He taught a class in the innovative Spinning room and recanted his original statement about the theme of the room, changing it to, “These guys are beyond anything I ever imagined.”

That first Spinning room is where Black Boxx began. The concept of isolation while training next to the average individual or the expert/professional athlete was put into motion. Black Boxx came about from the love of cycling, music, fitness, training, and showing everyone that anything can be achieved; that possibilities are endless. Dreams truly can be achieved and lived. When the lights switch on in the room, the encouraging environment of Black Boxx training comes to light. People evolve into what they desire, let go of negative emotions, and reclaim the positive aspects of life.

Twenty years later, we are still the finest Spinning concept nationally and internationally, and it is all due to our people. From our Mad Dogg certified instructors to our awesome students and satellite branches, we have remained on the cutting edge of fitness. Now Black Boxx is further evolving!  We have never stopped “clicking in,” as we still have many lives to touch and souls to enrich. Allow us to re-introduce ourselves: Michael Pesa is the creator of Black Boxx. His wife, Lori Pesa, is a co-owner of the business and has been a Spinning instructor and program coordinator at World of Fitness upon its origin. Toni and John Harnar are also co-owners of Black Boxx. Toni has been a Spinning instructor for the last 20 years and also a program coordinator at World of Fitness. Her husband, John, is the organizer and general manager. Together, our families make-up Black Boxx Indoor Sensory Cycling. The Pesa and Harnar families continue with great passion to work in the fitness industry, eternally grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the lives of others.

It is difficult to put 20 years of history into 20 sentences. It can be done, but there is soooo much more to come. We look forward to many great years with all of you. We can only thank you for the opportunity to continue on this journey.

Warm and Open Regards,

The Pesa/Harnar Families

Black Boxx Systems